Alchemy World
Alchemy World works with young people to help alleviate their poverty by equipping them with the skills and entrepreneurial initiatives to get the jobs that do exist and to start their own businesses. Ethiopia does not have a developed culture of successful small businesses with the potential for growth, so participants are helped to identify new initiatives and to build their own confidence in their ability to succeed through customer focus, quality and innovation. Alchemy World also provides incubation support for new businesses to help the young entrepreneurs create a reliable income for themselves and their families and to create employment and income for others.

It is a long-term view of how to lift people out of poverty which goes beyond the distribution of aid and the development of resources. The Alchemy World programmes empower people so that they can escape dependency and change their circumstances through their own efforts.

Ethiopia is a poor country, of the total population of some 83 million over 80% work on the land – mostly as subsistence farmers. Despite everything you might have heard hunger is not a particular problem, from time-to-time some areas experience shortages but on the whole the land is green and fertile. However outside the towns there is a lack of basic amenities – electricity, clean water, transportation etc.

Ethiopia is not currently a good place to do business. On the World Bank rankings it lies 104th out of 183 on ‘Ease of Doing Business’. The Alchemy World programme aims to help participants overcome these obstacles.

These web pages give detailed information about the people who attend our training, the programmes we run, the cities, towns and universities in which we operate and the things the participants go on to do afterwards.

We hope you find it interesting, and that you might be moved to make a donation towards this work.


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